Takachiyo Sake Brewery

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Takachiyo [tah-kah-Chi-yoh] has about 150 years of hand-made brewing history producing high-quality sake. The heavy and pure snow lies on the mountain every winter, and the snow-melt is filtered by the natural ecosystem and the clear soft water flows into our underground well. Using this pure water and specialized rice, we take care during our highly-controlled brewing method to create sake with natural umami that one will never tire of drinking.
This unique collection features Junmai Ginjo -- an unfiltered raw sake -- with ten chapters created under identical brewing specifications. In each chapter, the chosen rice is conscientiously polished to a ratio of 59% with the brewer’s special milling machine. All chapters use the same Kobo 1801 yeast strain and reach an alcohol content of 16%. Different rice varieties used for each chapter create distinct flavor profiles and textural nuances that are achieved solely through slight modifications to aging methods and duration.