my journey to SakeTrend...

Hello! I am M, the founder of SakeTrend, and I am excited that you have come to visit the site. My team and I share a love of fine artisanal sake, but it wasn't always that way. We hope to be part of your exploration of this complex brew, so I would like to tell you a bit about my own journey to sake.

I grew up in the Kagoshima area of Japan and I felt the pull toward sake as a young woman. Unfortunately, the sake I tried was a widely-available commercial variety that left me with its harsh alcohol aftertaste and a headache. Not the best start.

After moving to the US many years later, I became friends with Kazu, an exporter from Japan who was determined to win me over to artisanal sake. When I first sipped the delicate jizake that he shared with me, I was hooked and wanted to try more (to develop my palate, of course). As I sipped, I learned all I could about the mystifying brew, ultimately earning my SSI International Kikisake-shi certification. While balancing a busy family life and full-time career, I began creating a small online store as a platform for sharing the joy of sake. 

 With the help of a few trusted friends, I created to be a bridge connecting all of us to exquisite jizake that we will feel compelled to share. While the SakeTrend team is just starting out and learning as we go, heartfelt customer service is our top priority. We aim to deliver sake that will inspire a smile with each and every sip. From amazing Japanese breweries to your loving California home, we envision a circle of happiness that begins and ends with sake.

Smiles to all,