Here are some frequently asked questions. 

Where does SakeTrend ship to? 
In accordance with our retail license, we can currently ship only within our home state of California.

How often does your stock change / update?  

We are launching the site with a focus on one product line with the hopes of offering additional varieties soon. Depending on global logistics challenges and demand, we anticipate having new product to share by the new year.

Do you carry product X? Will you carry product X? 
SakeTrend carries craft sake curated by our sake sommeliers. If you have any requests please let us know via the contact form and we will see what we can do. 

The signature of an adult 21 years of age or over will be required at delivery. 

Return Policy
We do not accept returns on sake as it is a temperature sensitive product.

Refund Policy
We do not offer refunds on products as we do not accept returns. 

Covid-19 Protocol
SakeTrend and it's partners follow all state and local guidelines. Photographs were taken at partner breweries before Covid.