Tsuchida Sake Brewery

Tsuchida Sake Brewery uses
Kimoto Method
making their sake, using
"The Power of Nature"
Tsuchida craft all of our sake using just the three ingredients of rice, water, and koji, together with the work of microorganisms.

Tsuchida Sake Brewery brew their sake using the traditional kimoto method — by encouraging the growth of microorganisms and ambient lactic bacteria that live in the brewery and patiently waiting for their natural action. 

When researching techniques to bring forth the power of the living organisms called bacteria, failures are an occasional aspect in recurring the process of discoveries and learnings to craft brews that us appreciate the subtle differences and multi-dimensionality of their taste every day.
Kimoto Method requires intensive labor, patience and experience.
Only 1% of Sake is made by Kimoto Method in Japan. 

Tsuchida Sake Brewery keeps challenging themselves to brew sake using low-polished and edible rice to bring out the rice's flavors.