59Takachiyo  “Aiyama”  Chapter Two Unpasteurized Sake Junmai Ginjyo

59Takachiyo “Aiyama” Chapter Two Unpasteurized Sake Junmai Ginjyo

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This unpasteurized "namazake" has a vibrant and dynamic flavor that is perfect for a sake newcomer. Fruity Peach and Pear aromas are highlighted.  

Takachiyo Sake Brewery is located in Niigata but Takachiyo Sake is not typical Niigata Sake "Tanrei Karakuchi", 59 Takachiyo series has fruity aroma, rich, and is a fun drink! 

59 Takachiyo series has 12-14 different kinds based on using different rice, and Takachiyo Sake Brewery categories these by Chapters.  This Chapter Two is used Top grade of "Aiyama" rice, and Aiyama rice is typically known as "Diamond of Sake Rice", Aiyama Rice is difficult to cultivate therefore, this rice is valuable with limited production. 

SakeTrend is able to secured few bottles of Aiyama, it's worth to try it, if you have not had this. 

This sake pairs well with fresh to semi-hard cheeses and matches Spanish, Italian, and French dishes. It is a refreshing aperitif on a sunny day and it has a velvety quality that is smooth as silk down your throat. Must be stored in refrigerator and always drink chilled. 


Junmai Ginjo Sake

          Rice: Aiyama 100%

Rice Polishing Ratio: 59%

Alcohol percentage: 16%

SMV: -1.0   Acidity: 1.6

Size: 500ml