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2023 Namazake Paul Sake Advent Calendar ends at November 14th to arrive before Holiday starts!

The world's only Sake Advent Calendar is back with new sake in a fun-packed, festive box!
23 Cups!
Two exclusive virtual brewery tours!
One class on how to drink and pair sake!
One big 720ML Bottle!
The World’s ONLY Sake Advent Calendar is back again! Sold out past 2 years
Pre-order: Start to ship around Mid November.  
With expected holiday season's shipping delay,  we would recommend to order early. 
Those of you who already made pre-order, "Thank you so much!"  We will be start shipping from mid November, and will send an update early next week.
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Todd Talks..
Notes from the Sake Underground

This is a new column by Sake Trend's Advisor Todd Eng. He is a SEC sake Specialist and conducted many sake tasting events in the past. Todd will share some interesting Sake topics, in our newsletters!

Notes from the Sake Underground

What exactly is Cup Sake? You might have heard one of the “buzziest” terms in the beverage industry is the so-called RTD, or Ready To Drink. This covers a wide range of alcoholic beverages like wine coolers, canned cocktails, and current market Kaiju White Claw. Not long ago, these made up less than 3% of the total beverage alcohol market, but has exploded to 12% in the last ten years.

As usual, sake is ahead of the times. I think of Cup sake as the OG RTD. Over 50 years ago, in 1964 Tokyo was hosting the summer Olympics and the shinkansen was taking its first commercial passengers. The time was ripe for a new, more modern approach to sake consumption, on the go. The 1.8 liter size isshobin was great for parties, but just not very portable for the busy, modern Japanese life. Thus the Ozeki One Cup came onto the market, small bottles in the form of a glass cup with an easily removable lid, and was an instant hit.

Now in 2023 there are a huge variety of One Cup size sakes. 180 milliliters, or one go (one tenth of a sho) is the conventional cup size. Some however are 200 mls, and materials now include glass, lined aluminum cans and tetra pack. Available are a multitude of varieties and sake styles, but they all tend to be inexpensive and easy (and ready) to drink.

Perfect for picnics, for the park, the beach, any outdoor activities and the cinema, they often come in decorative, reusable packaging. These are the gift that keeps on giving. Speaking of gifts, have you seen this killer Sake Advent calendar from Namazake Paul? Featuring 23 unique cup sakes, and one full size bottle, this is the Ultimate Holiday gift for the sake lover on your list. Get one for a friend, and do yourself a big sake favor and treat yourself to one too. Ho ho ho.

Todd Eng

Thank you for coming to OC Japan Fair at Costa Mesa, California! Huge appreciation everyone who are able to come and see Meg and Coco (Japanese sake sisters)!
and Thank you Coco, Japanese Sake Sisters to invite SakeTrend!
For everyone, we will let you know future sake tasting events!
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