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The Yagi family started brewing sake in coastal Niigata in 1697. They only produce 300 koku a year (6,000 cases), yet they are the off site yeast bank for the local breweries. So their friends Takeda, makers of the Skull series, travel up the coast 15 minutes whenever they need yeast for a batch. They also have access to excellent local rice and clean snow melt water providing them a good canvas to show their skill. 

Kubiki Shuzo's concept:

Connecting hometown to future’s embrace,  
Binding people, heart to heart,  
Linking souls with food’s warm grace,  
Tying lives to where they start.

Uniting all in joy and cheer,  
Rooted deep in cherished place,  
Our sake flows, a vision clear,  
A legacy we strive to trace.

To protect, to bond, to see us through,  
Our hometown’s spirit, ever true.


  • Koshiji no Kobai Sanma Muroka Nama Genshu
    Kubiki Shuzo
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