July Newsletter

Sake Tasting Booth at Long Beach Japan Music Festival 2023!

Sake Trend will be there!

If you are around near Long Beach or thinking about something fun, Come and join us at Sake Tasting booth at Long Beach Japan music Festival 2023 on July 22nd - 23rd!!
Sake Trend will be there at Japanese Sake Sister's Sake Booth to offer "Afuri" Sake to anyone who is over 21 year old (Purchase Sake Tasting Ticket at the ticket counter).
Here is the details of Rising Japan Music Fest!
Learn more about new released Sake in the US market
Kikkawa Jozo: 
Located in Kanagawa, Founded in 1912 (first year of Taisho), Kikkawa once made rich and dry styled sake. The seventh generation chief brewer Masanori Mizuno Toji took over in 2012 changing focus to delicate, complex and Ginjo in style sake. 
About Japanese Sake Sisters, 
My friend, Hiroko is the owner of Japanese Sake Sisters, Her mission is to promote Sake over the world!  She has organized various sake stating events in the past, and has youtube channel called "Japanese Sake Sisters
Please subscribe to support her mission!
Hope to see you there at Japan music fest in Long Beach!

Thanks for coming to Michelin Star Restaurant "NISEI" San Francisco 


Sake Pairing Dinner with Afuri and Takeda Black Skull

Great success on the Sake Pairing Dinner with all series of Afuri listed in saketrend site and Takeda Black Series on Sunday June 11th!
Sake Trend is planning to set other Sake Tasting events collaborating with other restaurants in near future, Stay tuned!

Sake Day September 30, 2023

SakeTrend at Sake Sensei's Special Booth 

Last year, At my Sake Sensei's Booth called "New Trending Sake",   we offered sake are not available in US which eventually Newly released in US market this year like
This year, my sake sensei will offer fun sake not available in US Market yet! Come and enjoy at My Sake sensei's booth this year!! Sake Trend will be there. Please purchase tickets online, Sake Day tickets are very popular especially this year,  selling out quickly!
Details is here