SakeTrend March 2024 Newsletter

 Miyaizui Meijo

Sharaku by Miyaizumi Shuzo

Miyaizui Shuzo, based in the Aizu region of Fukushima, a land once synonymous with Samurai, initiated the brewing of the Sharaku brand in 2008. Seeking to infuse new vitality into the company's storied history of sake production, Miyaizumi Meijo made significant alterations to the Toji system and meticulously attended to every aspect of the brewing process. This dedication resulted in a harmonious and flavorful brew that swiftly ascended to acclaimed heights shortly after its introduction.

Sharaku has garnered adoration from numerous sake enthusiasts and is undeniably considered a highly sought-after label, even within Japan.

Nestled near Tsuruga Castle, one of Japan's renowned castles, Miyaizumi Meijo is situated. The moniker "Miyaizumi" was originally derived from Mr. Izumi, the former owner of the site where the brewery currently stands.

Comprising two distinct brands, "Sharaku" and "Miyaizumi," Miyaizumi Meijo embodies each with a unique essence. Sharaku embraces seasonal branded rice to embark on novel challenges and ventures while upholding cherished traditions.

SakeTrend takes immense pride and privilege in offering Sharaku as a captivating addition to our esteemed portfolio in our store!


Oh, look at Todd living it up in Japan at Niigata Sake no Jin! He's rubbing elbows with Takeda Toji from Takeda Sake Brewery in Niigata. What a lucky guy!

What in the world is Niigata Sake No Jin?

"Niigata Sake no Jin" is like the sake-filled version of Oktoberfest, but with a dash of Niigata flair. It's all about celebrating local culture and sharing good vibes with folks near and far.

This year's "Niigata No Sake no Jin" was a weekend blowout on March 9 and 10.

The festival keeps growing, with a whopping 140,000 party people at the 2019 shindig. Breweries dish out 500+ Niigata drinks, tasty grub, and put on a show with stage events and sake smarts. It's a must-see fest that's pure Niigata magic!

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Hey hey! Sake Trend is hitting up the OC Japan Fair on April 19-20, 2024! Come on down and join the fun! Bring your friedns and let's party at one of SoCal's biggest Japanese fests. Swing by the Sake Tasting Booth to say hi to us!


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