Sake Trend April 2024 Newsletter

We've been running around like ninjas all month and can't wait to spill the beans on our freshest scoops and stories with you.

OC Japan Fair - One of the biggest Japanese cultural event in Southern California

April 19 - 21 at OC Fair Event Center at Costa Meza, CA!

Gather your squad and gear up for a wild ride into Japanese culture right in the heart of Southern California! Expect an explosion of fun with a cosplay showdown, live tuna slicing action, gigs by Japanese virtuosos, traditional tune throwdowns, playtime, kimono fashionistas mingling, and oodles more!

Oh, and guess what? Sake Trend alongside the Japanese Sake Sisters posse will be diving into the madness too! Catch us at the Sake Tasting Tent!

Sake Trend is contributing exquisite Sakes to this occasion, offering a splendid moment to savor these marvelous flavors, and sharing information about one of breweries we are showcasing at OC Japan Fair.

 Fukugen Sake Distillery, nestled in the Azumino valley of Nagano Prefecture beneath the scenic Northern Japanese Alps, utilizes pristine spring water for its sake production. Established in 1758, this venerable institution has produced sake since the Edo era, marked by samurai governance.

Ownership resides with the Hirabayashi lineage, guardians of a proprietary fermentation technique handed down through generations. Currently the eighteenth patriarch, Seiko Hirabayashi upholds their ancestral legacy. Their brewery, erected during the Samurai Era by the Matsumoto Clan Shogunate, stands as the sole surviving Kura of its time, a testament to enduring craftsmanship (refer to the attached image).

Embracing the ethos of a "Boutique Sake Brewery," Fukugen commits to limited production volumes to ensure the unparalleled excellence of their sake. Consequently, Fukugen's offerings remain somewhat exclusive within the US market.

Each batch of Fukugen Sake matures for 18-24 months, whether in tanks or bottles, with a preference for bottle aging to enhance the sake's complexity. This meticulous process aligns with their belief in the virtues of aged sake over the immediate gratification of "Shinshu."

Fukugen specializes in three distinct sake categories: Classic, Modern, and Liqueur-inspired varieties such as Plum sake. Sake Trend proudly features three modern expressions: "Fukumimi Junmai Ginjo", "Nektar Nigori", and "Plum Sake".

The cultivation of home-grown Yamada Nishiki rice, revered as the pinnacle of sake rice, employs the sustainable "Lutte Raisonnée" technique. This approach not only yields superior grains but also reflects Fukugen's commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being.

The Fukugen Junmai Ginjo Genshu is characterized by its nuanced bouquet of honey, roasted nuts, and a hint of soy sauce, complemented by a creamy texture and rich flavor profile. This exquisite sake offers a harmonious blend of umami and acidity for a truly memorable tasting experience.

Welcome to a world of flavor! Embrace the warmth at Hakashi Sushi SF where they introduce the delightful Sake Sipping Soiree, hosted by the exceptional Chef Julio!