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Fukugen Sake Brewery -  "Jukusei Sake - Aged Sake"
SakeTrend is fortunate to interview Seiko Hirabayashi, a head of family owned sake brewery called "Fukugen Sake Brewery".
Fukugen Sake Brewery is located in the Azumino valley in Nagano Prefecture below the picturesque Northern Japanese Alps, which provides the natural spring water used to brew their sake. 
Founded in 1758, Fukugen Brewery is an old established sake producer, ever since the Edo period, a time when samurai rode the streets and ruled the land. The company is owned by the Hirabayashi family, and its secret method of sake brewing has been passed down from generation to generation. Currently, Atsuo Hirabayashi is the seventeenth of head of family, and his daughter, Seiko will succeed him.
Their Kura (Brewery) built in Samurai Era by Matumoto Clan Shogunate. Fukugen Kura is only one kura still existing until now that Matsumo Clan Shogunate used to use as his main storages (please see a picture below) .
Fukugen's concept is "a Boutique Sake Brewery" to craft only small quantity to keep exceptionally high quality and their craftmanship within Fukugen sake. That has been said Fukugen sake is not widely available in US yet.
All Fukugen Sake is aged 18-24 months either in tanks or bottles. Seiko said that most of Fukugen sake is stored in each bottles to mature in Kura. Never sell "Shinshu - Freshly squeezed sake from a task". That's because Fukugen strongly believes that Fukugen sake shines at the best when it is matured "Jukusei".
Fukugen crafts mainly 3 categories of sake - Classic, Modern, liqueur like Plum sake. Sake Trend carries modern type called "Fukumimi Junmai ginjyo" and Nektar Nigori
Fukumimi Sake uses home-grown Yamada Nishiki rice (The king / queen of Sake rice) using the "Lutt Raisonne" farming method to grow high-quality sake rice grown.
This farming method is natural and very friendly to environment. Fukugen believes that this environmental friendly farming has circulated to the blessings of nature to craft high quality sake and bring the blessing to local and society.
Fukugen Junmai Ginjyo Genshu has honey, roasted nuts, and slight soy sauce aroma, and velvety-like textures, creamy and robust tastes. Enjoy lingering juicy umami with this right amount of acidity spread in the mouth!  Amazed by this complexity and well-balanced sake!
Excellent with Meat, as well as cheese and desserts, especially Caviar, smocked fishes or shells.
Thank you Seiko-san!!
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