Takeda Toji & My Sake Sensei in San Francisco!

Katafune's Brew Master- Takeda Toji (杜氏) :Toji means - Brew Master in Japanese  and my Sake Sensei (Kazu) were in San Francisco in June!

Takeda Toji and Kazu visited few Michelin starred restaurants in Northern California like French Laundry,  Pabu, Niku etc.. to promote Katafune 13 Hanajikan which I sell on my site🙌  Katafune sake were well received by those restaurants.

During the interview with Takeda Toji, he mentioned that Katafune is a pairing sake so it has faint aroma to enjoy the food whole presentation (aroma, color, and taste!) at the best condition.   

Katafune sake is Mellow, Rich Mid-Full Bodied sake -not Typical Niigata sake (Tan Rei Karakuchi)

Katafune 5 Tasting set is the best to enjoy to explore the taste to find your preference and your impression will change by having hot or cold and even with the pairing food. 

I have some videos during interview and happy to share with you soon!