Tsuchida Kimoto Initial K and M Vintage

We finally got "Initial K” and “Initial M" Kimoto Method Sake from Tsuchida Sake Brewery and I want to share my excitement with you .

Tsuchida Sake Brewery is a small family-owned brewery located in a rural area with a population of less than 3500 in Gunma Prefecture, just 2 hours away from Tokyo by train.

The focus of Tsuchida Brewery is to make natural sake using the Kimoto method to bring out rice's umami.  Brewery president, Mr. Tsuchida mentioned that many sake breweries in Japan promote their sake as "expressing as rice flavor". He often questions if sake made with such highly polished rice can truly express the full flavor of rice? The rice that we customarily eat has only 10% of its hull milled away allowing the ample proteins to become amino acids (which have a strong connection to umami taste). As Mr. Tsuchida questions the current sake-brewing practice of polishing down most of the rice, his vision expands his way of making sake. 


Photos from https://tsuchidasake.jp/en/

Mr. Tsuchida emphasizes the importance of making strong natural Koji using the same method "Kimoto" used during the Edo Period (1603 to 1867), when Japan was under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate.   While most modern breweries employ a quick fermentation (sokujo-moto) process using commercially available lactic acid and cultivated yeast,  all of Tsuchida’s sake is made using "natural microorganisms" in a process that takes twice as long. Tsuchida brewery waits for ambient lactic acid bacteria to drop down from the air to create natural acid in a tank.  Tsuchida's sake making is twice as long compared to modernized methods.

The bacteria living in the sake brewery is changing every day - the flavor of sake is different every year!  Mr. Hoshino, the brew master for Tsuchida Sake Brewery trained his skill at Aramasa Sake Brewery (新政酒造), a legendary Kimoto Sake Brewery in Akita Japan.  Tsuchida's work with sake under Mr. Hoshino and Mr. Tsuchida's guidance differs year to year because that is the best way to create rich flavor sake. That's why Tsuchida's sake making is more difficult and labor intensive sake-making than modernized methods. 

When the brewers endeavor to meet specific challenges, the unique sake that results becomes part of the Tsuchida Initial Series. Both Initials K and M are crafted under Tsuchida’s “Shuzo-do” (like the “Bushido”  way of the Samurai), the belief that fermentation offers limitless potential for creating delicious rich sake.

There are 2 distinct characters in initial K and M.

  • Sandan Jikomi : a method of three-step brewing:  Mashing is done in 3 stages, as water, koji and steamed rice are mixed gradually in 3 stages. For Tsuchida Initial K and M, the last 3rd stage, Japanese sake is added instead of water.
  • High Koji Ratio: Koji ratio is connected to create Rich full bodied sake (standard koji rato is around 20%)

Initial K has fruity melon and cucumber aroma. Well-rounded sweetness with acidity pairs well with rich cream and meat as well as sweet dessert like biscotti. Drink warm or cold. "K" stands for "Knot". This sake connects pairing foods to enjoy multiple layers of umami. 

Initial M has pineapple, yogurt aroma and this sake is rich, full-bodied with a long finish. Slight bitterness with acidity pairs well with rich cream and meat, and cheese Drink hot or cold. "M" stands for Majestic. Sophisticated taste coming from the combination of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity.

Tsuchida Initial K and M are perfect gifts for celebration and anniversary for loved ones ❤️

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