SakeTrend Septemeber Newsletter

Sake Day SF

Please come to my Sake Sensei (Kazu)'s booth "New Trending Sake Booth"
September 30th Saturday: 4PM - 8PM @Kabuki Hotel 
Sake Day San Francisco Event
Come to "New Trending Sake" booth to enjoy sake NOT available in the America YET -  my sake sensei booth (Kazu) is special booth to taste funky sake!
SakeTrend will be there at the booth explaining about these unique sake not available in US market yet.
My Sake Sensei (Kazu) will bring 10-15 Sake products from five sake breweries across Japan. Last year our booth was really crowded.  Kazu brought 80 bottles from Japan with him for last year's Sake day and all were consumed by Sake Day participants within 4 hours. 
Not same as other booths, we are not making profit on this booth, we truly want to promote variety of Japanese sake and wants to hear your impression on these sake!
Excited to meet you there!

Sake Trend upcoming Events

September 23rd Saturday : 4-6PM @Japanese American Museum. This is our 2nd year supporting JAM's fundraising event. 
All proceeds of this fundraiser will benefit the Japanese American Museum of San Jose, which has served as a community and storytelling hub for Japanese American and Asian American communities for over 35 years.
We are donating all Sake to support this event.  Meg and Todd are bringing fun and funky sake and hope to see you there!! 
September 8th Friday Yes Today!!: 5:30PM - 7PM @Arliguin Wine Marchant
Free Sake Tasting Event by Todd Eng
Come and join us for Free Sake Tasting to taste premium Mutsu Hassen and Taiyo Shuzo's Sake today
This is great opportunity to taste high quality sake and it's important and lots of fun to taste many different kinds of sake as many you can!
Hope to see you thee!


Looking for Sake Breweries Tour this year?

Spend a week in Japan Jizake Quest take you to some  Quaint and historic locations!  Many off the well-traveled tourist path, where Jizake Quest visit a number of different smaller, artisan breweries, nourish ourselves with local fare and indulge our senses in cultural tradition of Japan 
"Excerpt from Jizake quest's website"
This fall tour will be Tohoku tour for November 13-19 2023! please see the detail below 
I have known David Sakamoto, the owner of Jizake quest through sake. He operates as sake importer and distributors in California as well.
Please see the details of the tour and contact David directly about the tour. 
Sake Trend supports all small business.