We got Vintage Initial K and Initial M 😍: Tsuchida Sake Brewery

Tsuchida Sake Brewery founded in 1907 and current president is 6th generation.
They push their boundary leading to the best tasting sake🥂

They create Sake using Natural Microorganisms✨. In standard sake making industrial Lactic acid is added in the starter mix of water, rice, and koji to prepare for sake yeast to start ferment.
However, Tsuchida waits ambient lactic acid bacteria drop down from the air to create natural acid in a tank!

Tsuchida does not much polish rice just like eating rice to bring out rice umami.
Tsuchida wants to use the natural form of rice as possible.

The bacteria lives in the sake brewery is changing every day. The flavor of sake is differs every year!
Tsuchida work with the sake differs year to year because that is the best way to create rich flavor sake 💕

Tsuchida uses traditional method called "Kimoto" and Tsuchida Sake Brewery is curious to create rich flavor sake by working with Nature

Initial M is the earlier year of Tsuchida's curious journey to making sake, and Tsuchida names "Initial" each time when they are pushing their boundary to create new sake. Initial M's M stands for Majestic.

This sake is Sweeter side and has bitterness creating rich flavor. Aroma is similar to yogurt and slightly similar to Brandy😍

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Initial K and M at the beach

Tsuchida Kimoto Method