"Hanafubuki" 59Takachiyo Chapter five Unpasteurized Sake

"Hanafubuki" 59Takachiyo Chapter five Unpasteurized Sake

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Hanafubuki has a gorgeous and fruity mouthfeel and a crisp throat. The exquisite balance of umami acidity makes it easy to drink as a sake with a meal.

Takachiyo Sake Brewery's Takachiyo 59 Series 4th this season uses "Hanafubuki" sake rice from Aomori Prefecture for the cherry blossom pattern label.

◆◆◆「Takachiyo」「Takachiyo」Takachiyo Sake Brewery◆◆◆
Takachiyo Sake Brewery produces sake with a fruity and rich flavor that overturns the image of “Niigata = light and dry”. It has a history of 150 years, and the brewing water is ultra-soft spring water from Mt. Makiki. The rice is cultivated under contract with local farmers in Minamiuonuma City, and the rice is cultivated in-house by the brewers themselves, from the preparation of the soil. It is a veteran yet up-and-coming brewery that has been highly evaluated year by year for its high-tech sake brewing that uses various types of sake rice, including "Ipponjime" that manages the original breeds, and maximizes the umami.
The “Takachiyo 59” series is a seasonal limited edition of 10 brands that are brewed with different raw rice, based on the basic design of junmai ginjo with a rice polishing ratio of 59% that makes full use of flat rice polishing. It is an unprocessed unprocessed whiskey bottled in a medium brewing process, and has a high ginjo aroma and an elegant quality. It has a good balance of sourness and sweetness, and can be enjoyed before or during meals.

The theme of the Takachiyo series is 10 seasonal limited products made from different rice . All of them are bottled with the middle part of the essence.  They emphasize the aroma of ginjo and the elegant and high-quality wine quality. The balance of sweet and sour is very good. , as an aperitif and table wine are very suitable.

Huafubuki is Aomori's original sake rice with a round and plump taste of Yamada Nishiki and a sharp style of five million stones. Create a very beautiful wine quality. The exquisite flat rice polishing technology takes twice as long as usual for rice polishing. The gorgeous aroma and pure freshness in the mouth are accompanied by clear fruit and gentle wine quality in the throat. Takachiyo Magic, one cup after another by accident!


This unpasteurized "namazake" has a slightly cloudy appearance with bold and robust flavors. The main aromas of green apple and other citrus are accented by white flower. The light faintly effervescent texture has a subdued sweetness and refreshing acidity. Another fun sake that is a good introduction for beginners. Best to drink from white wine glass to give the flavors room to breathe! Always keep refrigerated and drink chilled.

Junmai Ginjo Sake

Rice: Hanafubuki 100%

Rice Polishing Ratio: 59%

Alcohol percentage: 16%

SMV: 1.0    Acidity: 1.6

Size: 500ml