OSHU-NO-RYU Junmai Daiginjo Midnight Dragon

OSHU-NO-RYU Junmai Daiginjo Midnight Dragon

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Maesawa, Japan • Iwate Prefecture Iwate Prefecture, in Northeast Japan is famous for beef, seafood, and sake. This Junmai Ginjo is made only with rice, koji, and water. The rice is polished to 40% for a pure, smooth, delicate, complex flavor.

This Sake won Gold Medal in International Wine Competition in San Francisco in 2021!

Clear crisp aromas of apple, pear, melon, steamed rice and citrus blossoms. On the palate, you’ll taste apples, pear, melon with a hint of dairy.
This sophisticated, elegant sake is best served chilled.  It is fantastic paired with sushi, spicy foods, and wonderful sipping sake.



Made only with rice polished to 50%, koji, and water, for a smooth, slightly sweet, delicate flavor with a surprising complexity of flavors. You’ll notice aromas and flavors of banana, apple, and citrus. This sake goes great with hot dogs, burgers, wings, and pizza. 


Must be stored in a dark, refrigerated place.

Ingredients: Rice, Koji, Water
Sake Rice: Yui-no-Ka
Polishing Ratio: 40% (60% polished away)
Alcohol by Volume: 16%
Volume: 720ml
Yeast Kyokai 1801
SMV -1
Acidity +1.3
Serving Temp: 50° - Room Temperature

About Iwate Meijo
Iwate Meijo is a family-owned shuzo (brewery)
with a 150-year heritage. It was created in 1955
from the merger of two sake brewers that had
been operating since the early Taisho period. The
dragon on the label pays tribute to Masamune
Date, the “one-eyed dragon” of Oshu. Date-san
was a famous samurai, warrior, and diplomat in
Japan’s Tohoku Region, where Iwate Meijo is

 Selected Sake for Pre-Sake Day Dinner event at Cassava SF on September 29.