August News Letter

Sake Trend in Japan

Visited few places in Japan, mainly Kagoshima and Tokyo.
Honored to meet Kato Toji from Echigo Denemon Shuzo.
Echigo Denemon is located in Niigata. Mr. Akira Kato, young brew master brought old sake brewery, Echigo Denemon in 2021, and stared New Echigo Denemon Shuzo in 2022. 
This is his 2nd year brewing sake. 
No Website, No Social media link for this Egigo Denemon Shuzo. 

In 2021, Mr. Akira Kato (35) will take over the brewery and start full-scale sake brewing this year. He is the youngest brewer who inherited the brewing philosophy of Hiroshi  Uehara, who contributed to the popularization of Junmai sake .

A true craftsman who lives alone in the brewery, faces sake every day, and dedicates to effort into each process. For that reason, it is still a very small amount of production.

His sake philosophy is " Back to the Basics

It's simple and flavorful, and it's a deliciousness that gradually resonates in your palate. 
Mr. Kato, who is still in the second year, is showing a glimpse of the big change. He is sincere and honest, and his honest personality toward sake brewing is reflected in the taste.

▼Philosophy/Motto Backto the Basics. 

Meaning is" Craft a masterpiece of sake"

Brewing Method

  • Completely ultra-small production of "exhibition sake standard" (300 kg of total rice)
  • Unified rice polishing ratio at 50%
  • Ginjo style, but treated as ordinary sake (futsushu) without giving a specific name;
    • this is showing his sincere and honest personality toward to the consumers and also showing Mr.Kato's confidence and faith into his sake. 
    • Unified with 901 yeast
  • Sake Fune Shibori - use only manual pressing Method: 
  • Bottle heating (Bikan hiire), bottle storage (Bin Chozo), low temperature storage
  • Four-season brewing, all done by a single person

▼Characteristic concept
" Craft sake that always wants to go back to have some, and tastes with its fullness and coolness."
In general, Niigata sake is often so-called “tanrei” which characterizes as crisp, light, and dry. Typical Niigata sake push for more "lightness" using than charcoal sake will become standardized and tasteless. 

Therefore, Mr.Kato wants to contribute to providing more variety to break the fixed idea of ​​Niigata sake by designing sake quality that features the following three points as a "new Niigata sake". 

1. In the middle stage, create the taste width, three-dimensional texture, and depth are expressed by the original shubo, “Kimoto system asymptotic type normal fast brewing moto”
2. Leaving clean and cool after taste by higher acidity which is removing unwanted after taste from amino acid. 
3. By intentionally leaves "astringency - bitterness" in the aftertaste, it is designed as a "aperitif" that invites you to the next meal.

Mr.Kato's sake is Not Available US yet but you will have a chance to taste his sake at Sake Day San Francisco on September 29th. Come to my sake sensei called "New Trending Sake" Booth. Saketrend will be there too!

At Sake Day we are presenting

1- Takakiharu: KoshiTanrei Rice

2- Toyosaka (namazake) : Ginfuguki (Shiga Prefecture)

3- Goz: Goshakumangoku 

4-Mishagushi: Omachi (Okayama Prefecture)


Rickshow Ride in Tokyo and Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture - Jinriki Sha

Have you ride on Japanese Rickshaw (Jinriki Sha)?
Fun to meet Hiro who owns and operate rickshaw companies in Tokyo and Ise Shrine (Famous long history Japanese shrine) - Mie prefecture.  
Sake Trend connected with Hiro recently through Sake
He is planning to expand his business in Tokyo Tower in later this year, please have fun to riding rickshaw.  Currently, he operates in Hamamatsu-cho station in Tokyo JR (Japan Rail - Green Line) collaborating with Sake Bar occasionally.
Hiro is also a sake lover!
For details, Please follow and contact through his Instagram for details
Saketrend support small business!

Sake Trend upcoming Events

September 23rd Saturday : 4-6PM @Japanese American Museum. This is our 2nd year supporting JAM's fundraising event. 
All proceeds of this fundraiser will benefit the Japanese American Museum of San Jose, which has served as a community and storytelling hub for Japanese American and Asian American communities for over 35 years.
We are donating all Sake to support this event.  Meg and Todd are bringing fun and funky sake and hope to see you there!! 
September 30th Saturday: 4PM - 8PM @Kabuki Hotel 
Sake Day San Francisco Event
Come to "New Trending Sake" booth to enjoy sake NOT available US YET -  my sake sensei booth (Kazu) is special booth to taste funky sake!
Not same as other booths, we are not making profit on this booth, we truly want to promote variety of Japanese sake and wants to hear your impression on these sake!


Sake Trend in Japan

Sake Trend visited Kyushu Region and Tokyo in August!
Visited Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto Prefecture leant about History of Kumamoto castle. 
Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611) (加藤清正, the daimyo (feudal lord) who ordered the construction of Kumamoto Castle, arrived in Higo Province (now Kumamoto prefecture) at the age of 27. Coming from Owari, in the western part of present-day Aichi Prefecture, it is said that his mother was a cousin to the mother of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the shogun who unified Japan at the end of the 16th century. In order to rise from the ruins caused by prolonged warfare, after arriving in Higo, Kiyomasa worked hard on forest conservation and flood control projects, as well as developing rice fields. Meeting with great success, these civil engineering projects still exist today.  
Thanks to Mr.Kurose, a knowledgeable guide who used to work in tour department in Kumamoto prefecture and a huge sake fun!