Sake Trend June News Letter

Meet the Breweries Event in Bay Area 

If you are around Bay Area, please join us to meet two Breweries from Japan through multiple events across bay area this weekend
   Afuri Sake:   Mr. Godo from Kikkawa Jozo
   Black Skull:  Mr. Takeda from Takeda Shuzo

Friday, June 9th at Umami Mart:  Meet the Brewery x Namazake Paul

Welcome two brewers from Japan whose sakes we'll be debuting with Namazake Paul in California! Namazake Paul has been working closely with Takeda Shuzo and Kikkawa Jozo to bring the freshest brews into the U.S.

Sunday June 11th at Bacchus : Free Sake Tasting Noon - 3pm

Oregon-based importer Namazake Paul will be in town, and wanted to share his new products this season with you all!
Take this opportunity to learn from his expertise as well; sake has a rich cultural heritage that is expressed in many different ways throughout the tasting.
Learn more about new released Sake in the US market
Kikkawa Jozo: 
Located in Kanagawa, Founded in 1912 (first year of Taisho), Kikkawa once made rich and dry styled sake. The seventh generation chief brewer Masanori Mizuno Toji took over in 2012 changing focus to delicate, complex and Ginjo in style sake. At the same time, he’s using ancient acid production techniques (Kimoto-Shubo method), very cold fermentation and hardly any polish to the high quality rice.
Iwase Shuzo:
Located in Chiba and Founded in 1723, Iwase has some of the hardest brewing water in Japan at 240! Proximity to the beach means the water is high in calcium and magnesium allowing them to employ both Yamahai and Ginjo techniques in the same batch.
Takachiyo Shuzo:
Takachiyo brewery is committed to using a new strain of rice called Ipponjime derived from Gohyakumangoku but solves that pillowy problem with more umami and character. Makihata is completely different style from 59 Takachiyo!
Mine No Hakubai Shuzo:
Located at the foot of Mt. Kakuda in the Echigo Plain in Nigata, Mine no Hakubai has over 400 years of history. Instead of the classic Niigata style of dry and short, they aim to create a “new” sake, centered on aroma, mellowness and deliciousness.
Takeda Shuzo:
Takeda Shuzo is located in the coastal fishing village of Joetsu. Seizaemon Takeda started brewing in Kamiko Funatsu, a small fishing boat moorage, at the end of the Edo Period (1866).  Black Skull is Namazake (unpasturized).

Michelin Star Restaurant "NISEI" San Francisco 

Sake Pairing Dinner with Afuri and Takeda Black Skull

Nisei is hosting exceptional Sake Pairing Dinner with all series of Afuri listed in saketrend site and Takeda Black Series on Sunday June 11th! 
At this Pairing Dinner, all guests meet Norimichi Goto, the esteemed head of Kikkawa Jozo, and the talented owner/toji ('master brewer) of Takeda Shuzo, Masanori Takeda. Limited availability.  SakeTrend will be there with Goto-san and Takeda-san.  Click Here is the details for the event. Hope to see you there!
Some of you, Thank you for coming to the Meeting the Breweries event yesterday at Fish and Bird Sosaku Izakaya at Berkely!