Sake Trend June Newsletter

Exciting news: we've just introduced a sensational new product!

Meet Sannma Sake by Kubuki Shuzo. Sanma, or "mackerel pike" in Japanese, inspires this unique sake, crafted specifically to enhance the flavors of oily and fatty fish. Imagine a drink so meticulously designed that it elevates your dining experience, focusing on harmonizing with your meal rather than merely accompanying it.

This Tokubetsu sake, with its Ginjo-level polish, boldly highlights local flavors rather than typical fruity tones.

Hattan Nishiki rice, traditionally from Hiroshima, finds a new expression in Niigata. Here, extreme temperature variations create tougher rice grains, ideal for maintaining the integrity of the large shinpaku core through the polishing process.

Aged unpasteurized right at our brewery, this sake develops a complex flavor profile. The koji ferments at a gentle pace, sparking a Maillard reaction that unfurls rich, nutty aromas. With its robust acidity on the finish, this sake promises a perfect pairing for your favorite fish dishes. Are you ready to delight your palate with our new Sanma Sake?

Crafted with passion since 1697, the Yagi family has honed their sake-brewing skills on the scenic shores of Niigata. Producing a modest 300 koku annually (equivalent to 6,000 cases), Kubuki Shuzo not only crafts sake but also plays a vital role as the off-site yeast bank for neighboring breweries.

Esteemed collaborators such as Takeda, creators of the famed Skull series, regularly source their yeast from Kubuki Shuzo. Why do they choose Kubuki? Because only the finest local rice and pure snowmelt water are used, ensuring each bottle is a masterpiece of flavor. Ready to savor this brewing marvel?

Iwanoni - Magokoro Kon Junmai Daiginjyo
Dive into the crafty cauldron of local rice and yeast, where the Magokoro Kon Junmai Daiginjyo is brewed like a wizard’s potion!

Infused with the unique Giovanni No Shirabe yeast, lovingly whipped up by our crafty guild, the Nanbu Toji's magical touch turns every sip into a fruity, fresh, and fabulously balanced extravaganza. Get ready to tickle your nose with its charming aroma, tease your taste buds with a hint of sweetness, and refresh your palate at a price that’s as friendly as a gnome!

This Junmai Daiginjo shines brightest when chilled, making it a perfect wingman for sashimi or crudo. Fancy a twist? Let it warm up to room temp and match it with some soft cheeses—voila! It’s like sneaking a fruit platter into your cheesy soirée!

History about Iwaoni from Iwate prefecture
Since 1917, when 175 villagers turned shareholders conjured up Iwanoni in the spirited Hanaizumi region, this brewery has been anything but ordinary. Born to battle the boozy bans of doburoku and keep farmers busy in winter, it’s grown from local hero to community superstar. With 181 shareholders today, mostly from Hanaizumi Town itself, Iwanoni isn’t just any brewery—it's a community-powered spectacle! Nestled in Iwate Prefecture, cradle of the mighty Nanbu Toji guild, Iwanoni not only stands out for its collective charm but also adds a dash of prestige to every bottle swished!

Celebrate your achievements with the award-winning Magokoro Kon Junmai Daiginjyo, recognized at this year's International Wine Challenge! Embrace the taste of success and elevate your moments.


Welcome the celebration – Joji (Photo in the middle) & Anna (left) are crafting delightful experiences with a new Sushi haven in Oakland! Eager to dive into joy? Stay tuned for wonders!

Join us in joy as Oh-Shu-No-Ryu Midnight Dragon clinched a Gold Medal at this year’s acclaimed IWC! Let’s collectively elevate our journey in the sake universe. Here’s to your future triumphs with this award-winning sake!

Embrace the vibrant Sake Day SF on September 28th!

Come, connect with us at Sake Sensei Kazu's booth. Devotedly, Kazu sources unique and trending sakes from all corners of Japan, bringing you exclusive varieties not yet available in the US. Keep in mind, tickets for Sake Day usually sell quickly. To guarantee your experience, book your ticket soon! Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to explore and celebrate together!

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