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 OC JAPAN FAIR (October 27 - 29th, Fri - Sun)
Come to Meet SakeTrend and Japanese Sake Sisters
at Sake Tasting Booth
10/27th (FRI)      5:00PM-11:00PM
10/28th (SAT)      12:00PM-10:00PM
10/29th (SUN)     10:00AM-5:00PM
88 Fair Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Grab your friends, and celebrate one of the largest Japanese cultural festivals in Southern California. Enjoy the experience of tasting, shopping, and learning about Japanese culture. There will also be cosplay show, tuna cutting show, popular Japanese artists/comedians performances, traditional instrument performances, games, kimono models meet and greet, and more!!
Meg, SakeTrend and Coco, Japanese Sake Sisters  will be there at the Sake Tasting booth! Hope to see you there 
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Todd Talks..

Notes from the Sake Underground by Todd Eng
This is a new column by Sake Trend's Advisor Todd Eng. He is a SEC sake Specialist and conducted many sake tasting events in the past. Todd will share some interesting Sake topics, in our newsletters!
When it turns October this always makes me think of the Fall season, the presence of Hiyaoroshi sakes in the US. What are these uniquely Fall brews like? What makes them Hiyaoroshi?

First, a definition. Hiyaoroshi almost means cold stopping, and is a seasonal release variety of Namazume, sake which has been pasteurized once after brewing, then stored over the summer and released without a second such processing, when the weather is generally cooler — so they are once-pasteurized brews, mellowed by some age and definitely less brash but also somewhat vigorous sake and more "developed" than other seasonal Nama.  A bit wide-ranging in their flavor profiles, and not as "punchy" as other Namazake but I've experienced quite a few different styles. Still fesh and tasty, they generally have pretty Autumnal themed packaging, so that all just does the trick for me, so this time of year, I always go for some. Released in Japan in September, they are usually available around October in the US. Kind of like the Oktoberfest beer of the sake world, these Hiyaoroshi can be a lot of different things but in the Fall, they are always worth reaching for.

For a real treat this Fall try Hiyaoroshi sake and yakitori at Izakaya Rintaro in San Francisco. See you next time in the Sake Underground.
Thank you for coming to Sake Day SF at Kabuki Hotel San Francisco!
Happy to see many of you there!