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Happy Mothers' Day!

Sake Trend passionately curated events to inspire. During a Sake Tasting, we showcased unique, hard-to-find Sake, aiming to enrich your journey with knowledge and joy in the world of Sake.

Sake Trend passionately curated events to inspire. During a Sake Tasting, we showcased unique, hard-to-find Sake, aiming to enrich your journey with knowledge and joy in the world of Sake.

Daiginjo Sake, 'Kukurihime', Kikuhime

Established in the year 1573 by the venerable Yanagi lineage in Ishikawa, Kikushime Shuzo represents a storied institution in the craft of sake production. It is narrated that the Yanagi progenitors sought refuge within this locale, fleeing from Kyoto amidst the tumult of the Onin War, as the Nobunaga dynasty ascended to the shogunal throne. The foundation of their brewing endeavor was laid at the base of Mount Hakusan, where Kikuhime Shuzo painstakingly produces Yokowa AAA Rated Yamada Nishiki, with the rice grains polished to 45%.

The nomenclature of this exquisite sake pays homage to Kukurihime, the divine patroness of Mount Hakusan, from which the brewery sources its pristine waters. Each year, select tanks are distinguished by the company's President as representing the zenith of Kikuhime's sake craftsmanship. This sake is matured under stringent temperature control for a minimum period of ten years prior to its release. Such an extensive aging process culminates in an offering of remarkable rarity, with each bottle individually numbered to underscore its unique character and ageability.

Advisable to be served slightly chilled, allowing it to unfurl its bouquet upon gentle exposure to air, this sake unveils a profound and intricate tapestry of flavors. Notes of melon and apple meld seamlessly with undertones of caramel, dried mushroom, and sandalwood, complemented by a velvety sweet umami. The resultant experience is a layered richness—a testament to the transformative power of time on this noble beverage.

The reason behind Kikuhime's penchant for aging its sake for extended periods is intricately connected to the unique qualities of Yokawa Special AAA rice. This rice, sourced from Hyogo Prefecture instead of the Ishikawa region like most other breweries, is akin to the "Grand Cru" of Burgundy wines. It is considered the pinnacle of sake rice, particularly the Yamada Nishiki variety.

The Yanagi family, recognizing the exceptional aging potential of this rice, began utilizing Special AAA rated Yamada-Nishiki from Yokawa for Kikuhime sake as early as 1979, initially through indirect sources. Over time, they increased their aging efforts, setting aside 50 bottles of well-made sake for aging each year from 1980 onwards. This laid the foundation for Kikuhime's limited edition aged sake offerings.

Kikuhime's aging process brings out complexity and depth akin to top wines. The rice's quality, coupled with Kikuhime's production techniques and careful aging at around 39°F, contribute to the peerless ageability of their sake.

This practice is distinct from the majority of sake production and Kikuhime's approach results in a depth and complexity that is largely unique to their brand.

Kikuhime Kukurihime Daiginjo is limited to only 2000 hand numbered bottles a year!

Kikuhime Yamahai Ginjyo Origarami

Crafted through the labor-intensive Yamahai method, this sake naturally ferments, embracing its surroundings and evolving a unique lactic essence. The Origarami approach retains fine grains of rice, bestowing the sake with a cloudy allure, a smooth texture, and a hint of sweetness. Bold, dry, and full of character.

This thrilling sake dances across the palate, complementing an extensive variety of dishes, shining beside the bold flavors of Szechuan and Thai dishes.

Designed for immediate enjoyment, with time it gracefully rounds out its citrus notes into a creamy symphony. The exclusive Kikuhime Yamaha Ginjo Genshu, including the Origarami, is fermented with the rare No.9 Kumamoto yeast. Kikuhime has a tradition of harvesting supreme yeast varieties and cryogenically preserving them in-house, offering a distinct departure from common association yeasts.

The Kikuhime Yamaha Ginjo Genshu Origarami is a rare gem, not in standard production but crafted exclusively upon request and only available for import to the US.


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