Makihata- Dragon Legend Junmai Ginjyo Nama Genshu

Makihata- Dragon Legend Junmai Ginjyo Nama Genshu

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Established in 1871 in Uonuma, Niigata, Takachiyo Shuzo is located at the foot of Makihata mountain. They brew 100% by hand using snow melt filtered through springs.

The nose is bright, full and floral. Look for cherry blossoms and honeydew. There’s a richness to the palate which lingers as the umami builds.

Serve slightly cool with pork dishes such as dry rubbed pork ribs or grilled tenderloin. Also excellent with white fish such as halibut.

Takachiyo brewery is committed to using a new strain of rice called Ipponjime derived from Gohyakumangoku but solves that pillowy problem with more umami and character. They supervise all growing of it in Niigata. You can learn more about their in house polishing and approach here:

Junmai Ginjyo Nama Genshu
Rice: Ipponjime (Minami Uonuma)

Rice polishing percentage: 53% 

Sake Meter value: +4

Alcohol: 17-18%

Acidity: 1.5

Amino: 1.3

Yeast Proprietary

Size: 720ml/ 24.35oz

Ideal Storage: Cold