Afuri - The Night Mist Junmai Oborosake Namazume

Afuri - The Night Mist Junmai Oborosake Namazume

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The Afuri series from Kikkawa-Jozo is brewed with water from a rain-fed spring at the foot of Mount Afuri in Kanagawa. The resulting mix of rainwater and mineral laden spring water is naturally harder than typical sake brewing water. This allows for slow and low temperature fermentation to develop extra complexity.
Made from polyacidic yeast no.77, expect low alcohol and complex brightness on a lingering, dry finish. Because the heirloom Omachi is hardly polished, there are warming barley tea notes.

Open carefully, recap, invert to create the Night Mist. Serve cool in a wine glass. Pair with salads or fried foods.

Founded in 1912 (first year of Taisho), Kikkawa once made rich and dry styled sake. The seventh generation chief brewer Masanori Mizuno Toji took over in 2012 changing focus to delicate, complex and Ginjo in style sake. At the same time, he’s using ancient acid production techniques, very cold fermentation and hardly any polish to the high quality rice.

Rice: Omachi (Okayama)

Rice polishing percentage: 90% 

Sake Meter value: +3

Alcohol: 13%

Acidity: 3.0

Amino 1.3

Yeast 77

Size: 720ml/ 24.35oz

Ideal Storage: 28F-58F

Selected for Michelin Star Restaurant Nisei's Pairing Sake Event