Dassai Beyond Junmai Daiginjyo - Dassai Migaki

Dassai Beyond Junmai Daiginjyo - Dassai Migaki

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Dassai is crafted by Asashi Shuzo where is located in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Founded in 1948 in the Yamaguchi region, Asahi Shuzo is famous around the world for its Dassai Sake line.
The name of the Origin "Dassai" was inspired by the otter, one of the emblematic animals of the Yamaguchi region, Dassai meaning "otter festival" in Japanese.

The strategy was to use Yamada Nishiki, some called this rice as "the King of Sake Rice", and to produce junmai daiginjo, the most premium category of sake with less than 50% rice.


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Pair with foods that are equally decadent but not overpowering, such as milt, duck, truffle. Thanks to the balanced acidity and presence of depth, it matches well with meat dishes that utilize yuzu kosho and other citrus. 

Delicate and Elegant, melon and citrus notes and plenty of umami, smoothness and clean

Drink - chilled 

Rice:  Yamada Nishiki