Fukugen Nektar Nigori Genshu

Fukugen Nektar Nigori Genshu

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This Nigori Sake is located in Azumino, Shinshu area from Nagano Prefecture. Fukugen, over 260 year old sake brewery located in the Azumino valley below the picturesque Northern Japanese Alps, which provides the natual spring water used to brew their sake. 

"Fukugen" sake Brewery is named after “Ippuku Shomanfuku” (one scoop of sake brings all kinds of good fortune).

The brewery , Fukugen Shuzo was founded in 1758.  Current President is Atsuo Hirabayashi, 17th generation head of the family. 

Nektar Nigori is crafted by straining moromi with a cloth. Thick, smooth and silky texture. Goes well with grilled salmon and pork, and sweets. 

This Nektar Nigori Genshu aged for at least 2 years in bottles. 

Drink - chilled to Room temperature, also another fun way to enjoy this Nigori by adding some carbonated water!

Fukugen Kura-do

While many brewers work at sake breweries throughout the year, Fukugen daringly selects people (Kurabito) who can work in the brewery only in the winter and engage in agriculture in the spring, summer, and fall. In other words, Fukugen entrusts the production to masters who are familiar with both agriculture and sake brewing techniques. This is because Fukugen believes that knowing everything about the nature of this land is an important element that is indispensable for Fukugen sake brewing. Fukugen believe the uniqueness of Fukugen flavor and taste exists because of their local kurabito. 


Rice:  Hitogokochi

Rice polishing ratio:  70%

Alcohol %:  18%

SMV: -15