Ryoko Dry Junmai Nama

Ryoko Dry Junmai Nama

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While this is polished to 60% and using Yamagata rice, it’s more fascinating than your typical Ginjo. The nose is freshly expressed lemon skin oils. So fragrant! Then the herbs take over before it finally finishes with drying minerals.

Serve chilled or room temperature with almost any cuisine. Grilled foods are perfect.

Located at the foot of Mt. Kakuda in the Echigo Plain, Mine no Hakubai has over 400 years of history. Instead of the classic Niigata style of dry and short, they aim to create a “new” sake, centered on aroma, mellowness and deliciousness.

The Ryoko series appeals to both newcomer and sake geek with a highly fragrant and fruity taste.


Junma Karakuchi Nama
Rice: Dewasansan

Rice polishing percentage: 60% 

Sake Meter value: +9

Alcohol: 16%

Acidity: 1.9

Amino: 1.1

Yeast Proprietary

Size: 720ml/ 24.35oz

Ideal Storage: 28F-38F