Iwanoi - Fishing Vessel Yamahai Junmai Ginjyo Nakagumi Muraka Nama

Iwanoi - Fishing Vessel Yamahai Junmai Ginjyo Nakagumi Muraka Nama

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The Nakagumi is the exact heart of a sake batch. Both first drippings and last pressings go elsewhere as only the best goes into this bottle. You’ll be entranced by the salty dryness balanced by sweet vanilla nama richness and a lingering fresh umami finish. Brewed with the oldest Kyokai yeast in use today; #6 was isolated at Aramasa in Akita.

Serve slightly cool, room temp or warm, it’s up to you. Try with fatty fish both raw, cured or cooked. Perhaps a tin of sardines tonight?

Founded in 1723, Iwase has some of the hardest brewing water in Japan at 240! Proximity to the beach means the water is high in calcium and magnesium allowing them to employ both Yamahai and Ginjo techniques in the same batch, then age them indefinitely!


Yamahai Junmai Ginjyo Nakagumi Muroka Nama 
Rice: Yamadanishiki

Rice polishing percentage: 55% 

Sake Meter value: +4

Alcohol: 17%

Acidity: 2.2

Yeast 6 (Aramasa)

Size: 720ml/ 24.35oz

Ideal Storage: 28F-38F

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 (*Description Excerpt from Namazake Paul imports/ Jizake Quest)